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The technologies relevant for the smartcanula® is protected by the following non exhaustive list of patents:

US6626859, US8679053, US7967776, US201562113890, EP1248571, EP1651121, JP5059305, HK1091109, CN102149340, AU770989, CA2394170, AT291880, AT373992, DE60109737, DE602004009194, DK1248571, ES2240464, ES2294513, WO0152753, WO2005002454, WO2010004430, WO2016128840, WO2016IB00368

The smartcanula® trademark is owned by Smartcanula LLC

Patents: US 6626859, WO 015273, AU770989, JP5059305, EP1248571, US8679053, EP1651121, HK1091109, US7967776, CN02149340, US8992455, US8679053
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